Sunday, 21 March 2010

A Message from the webmaster

Everyone may think it's David's blog, but it isn't.
We are a group of friends interested in classic cars, bikes and beer.
I run this for David, his skills lay elsewhere.
I wish I could match his engineering skills!!!
Last Friday, over the usual beers, David mentioned that the upholstery is due back and then it is only a matter of days before the car is complete.
A big argument then ensued as to what the car is worth.
When compared to what is out there, with no documentation, I reckon that David's is as close to a Brand New car as you can get.
I reckon £100,000+
Another XK owner said less.
What do the blog followers think? Please send suggestions to me at the address shown below.THIS IS ONLY A BIT OF FUN. THE CAR IS NOT FOR SALE.(Yet!!!)

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Johnboy said...

A similar 1959 roadster sold a couple of years ago at Aemelia Island for $154000US. I would guess today that Davids car should bring between 180,000 and 200,000.